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What is Financial Management?

Understanding and explaining of quite a number of phenomena like operating of financial markets, fluctuations in stocks’ prices, time value of money, determination of bond prices, valuation of entities and the other related, have never been possible without an advent of such a subject which can justifiably guide the world in this regard. Undoubtedly Financial Management is referred here.

Financial Management can simply be defined as an application of logical, mathematical and scientific techniques to managing of financial affairs. It is the broadest of all other topics of finance and, important as well. Presence of Financial Management among entire organizational functions of banks, financial institutions, consumer and industrial firms, state’s institutions, nongovernmental organizations, schools, hospitals and in fact, of every single entity belonging to any sector is a must. Ranging from decisions of expanding plants to, deciding about what type of securities should be used to raise finances; all is done under the umbrella of Financial Management. Furthermore, it assists companies, in providing their customers with different payment options and credit terms under which they can utilize the products and avail the services offered to them, by these companies.

Irrespective of which area of finance, he or she wants to specialize in, every individual, who has a strong wish of becoming a proficient finance professional, has to be well familiarized with financial management knowledge. Whether you are a banker or you work in Research & Analysis Department of a brokerage house, first-rate understanding of financial management is indispensable. The reason behind holding of such a crucial status by financial management in the field of finance is that finance is an area where you are in a position of either positively profiteering of others’ resources or putting them at stake. In other words, you are the one from whom people expect an advice, which should be intelligent and workable for them and their businesses. In order to accurately meet all such expectations, one has to be well equipped with theory and practicalities of financial management.
Financial Management not only makes you vital for others but by studying of it, you also do a constructive favor to yourself as well. It is a subject, which helps you in making of your personal financial decisions like buying a house on lease or evaluating investment options for your retirement.

Augmented globalization and continuous emergence of novel technologies are radically altering business practices and markets. In addition recent history of mankind has been a witness to theatrical ups and downs in the world’s economy. Given all these circumstances, Financial Management appears as fundamental knowledge to be acquired.

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